Get Hired! Group Career and Application Coaching

The German job market is unique, and the job search in Germany can be challenging. What do you want to do? What are you qualified for? What’s the best way to get noticed? Career coaching can help you figure out how to get from where you are right now to where you want to be and support you in finding a career path that fits your skills, interests, and experience.

If you’re looking for a compact career coaching process that’s affordable and accessible from anywhere in the world, small group career coaching is a great place to start. Group coaching sessions are always available (there’s often a waitlist for one-on-one sessions) and you can start right away. In each session, you’ll get interactive input, build your career skills and reflect on your career story in hands-on activities, and get direct feedback. The groups are quite small so there’s always space to ask your questions and get specific answers!

How does it work?

  • Participate from anywhere! Most sessions are online, so you can join from anywhere in the world.
  • Get started right away. Sign up whenever you’re ready – no need to wait for an appointment.
  • Focus on your questions and get real feedback. Find out what you want to know from an expert.
  • Benefit from your peers. Learn from the questions you didn’t think to ask!
  • Evidenced-based activities. Coaching sessions use up-to-date data from hiring managers.
  • Focus on your goals. Find a career path that motivates you!

Unsure about groups? Our groups are small (3-8 participants) so that you always have space to ask your questions and get direct feedback. Over the past 20 years, I’ve developed a mix of participant-oriented and interactive group methods that motivate people to really engage – this isn’t a webinar! Group coaching sessions are introvert-friendly – you’re free to decide how much you’d like to share with the group, and there are no mandatory presentations or role plays. Group coaching has an additional benefit – besides being able to access career coaching at an affordable rate, you’ll be able to learn from the questions that others ask!

To get started, sign up for any available session. You can view available sessions by category below or take a look at the calendar for all upcoming events. Questions about group coaching? Join me for a free intro session to learn more about the coaching process!

The Job Search

How do I write a great application?

Career Orientation

What do I want to do? What am I qualified for?

Careers for Academics

Where do I go after my PhD (or postdoc)?

Go step-by-step through the application process from beginning to end. Learn to write an application that truly showcases your skills and experience for potential employers, and gets you noticed!

Discover what career best fits your interests and skills, and learn what motivates you at work. Find the red thread in your past experiences and develop a career narrative that fits you!

Explore career options and find the career path that’s best for you – in academia or beyond. Learn about the job market for PhDs in Germany, and feel confident in your career choice.

  • How do I get noticed?
  • What goes in a German-style application?
  • How do I write a great CV?
  • Do I need a cover letter?
  • How do I reach out to companies?
  • What do I want to do?
  • How do I create a strong profile?
  • What motivates me at work?
  • How do I find the red thread in my profile?
  • What am I qualified for?
  • How do I decide whether to stay in academia?
  • How can I feel confident about my career choice?
  • Should I do a postdoc?
  • How do I balance my supervisor and my career path?
  • What next step makes sense for me?

The Job Search: General Careers & Application Coaching

Finding – and getting – a job that really fits you is a challenge, and it’s even more of a challenge when you’re doing it in Germany. Not sure if your CV/resume fully markets your skills and experience? Maybe you feel like cover letters are a great mystery – or even a waste of time? Forget application handbooks, career blogs, and consulting resume writers, and polish your self-marketing skills in these structured small-group coaching sessions.

Each of these structured compact coaching sessions is focused on one of four themes (listed below). We’ll begin with a very short interactive overview of the most important tips, and then we’ll develop your skills through tested, effective coaching activities to build your profile – and your application – in real-time and with personalized feedback from an experienced career coach. Give yourself the gift of setting aside a few hours to improve your career skills and get where you want to go!

Who should attend? These coaching sessions are designed for international applicants who want to successfully navigate the German job market – from professionals just starting out in Germany to those with more experience in the German market hoping to make a career change. Recent grads and students are invited to take advantage of the limited number of discounted student tickets.

Session One How to Build a Great Profile: The Red Thread

What’s the key to great self-marketing – and what’s special about Germany? How do you know what you’re really great at, and how can you showcase your strengths in a way that gets employers interested? We’ll find the all-important red thread in your experiences and build a profile toolkit which will help your applications write themselves!

Session Two How to Write a Great CV

How do you write a great CV for the German market? What goes in – and what’s best left out? What can you do to highlight your experiences and talents? Learn tips and tricks for creating a solid CV/resume, how to design your resume for the German (and English-speaking) job market, and get expert feedback on how to get past applicant tracking systems (ATS) and get your resume seen by a human!

Session Three How to Successfully Market Your Skills: The Pitch

Reaching out to companies can feel a bit daunting – what do you say to get noticed? We’ll learn to rethink the cover letter and use a tested and effective method to create a compelling pitch for getting in touch with organizations and getting you from the application to the interview.

Session Four How to Find a Job in Germany: The Search

Finding a job to apply for can be challenging, and sometimes it feels a bit frustrating. We’ll explore the job market in Germany and take a look at some areas you might not have considered. We’ll learn how to identify what you’re qualified for, and how and when to approach organizations that you’re interested in that don’t have a job posting, and develop a strategy for steps to take if you’re not hearing back.

Info Session Get Hired in Germany: Understanding The German Job Market (free)

In this open session, we’ll talk about the German job market and German employers, the English-language job market in Germany, and what you really need to know to succeed in Germany.

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